SNACONS: OS/390 console screenshot

Here is an actual screenshot of SNACONS running in a TN3270 emulation session on a Windows 95 PC:

As you can see, it’s almost indistinguishable from a real MCS console. You can enter MVS commands in the entry area. You see messages roll in the message area. Action messages are highlighted and deleted just like a real MCS console. And it’s all done by a VTAM application.

Your operators will need no training to use SNACONS. In fact, most of them won’t even realise that they’re not using a real console. But if you look carefully at the screen, on the 4th line from the bottom, you’ll see that SNACONS displays the LU name where MCS displays the device number. That’s how you can tell that it’s a SNACONS console.

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Last updated 01 Jun 1999