SNACONS: Remote consoles for OS/390

What is SNACONS?

Click for full-size screenshot! SNACONS™ is an OS/390 VTAM application which provides operator consoles to any 3270 terminal on your network. By logging on to SNACONS from any 3270 screen on your SNA network, or from any TN3270 screen on your TCP/IP network, authorized users can obtain a console which is almost indistinguishable from a regular OS/390 MCS console.

Traditionally, OS/390 MCS consoles require costly and cumbersome 3174 controllers, bulky channel cables, and expensive 3270 screens with co-axial cabling. SNACONS can allow you to replace many of these consoles by emulation sessions on PC or Unix workstations attached to your existing local area networks.

What users are saying about SNACONS

“I got SNACONS up and running in less than 5 minutes. This is an AWESOME product!”
— Joe Bilbro, Plains Cotton Cooperative Association

“A fine product that answers a long felt need”
— Dave Cartwright, AgcoCorp

“Highly recommended!”
— Gilbert Saint-flour

“I appreciate you making SNACONS available for download. We have it up and running and it is working wonderfully.”
— Scott MacLellan, Solo Cup Co.

To find out more about SNACONS, go to frequently-asked questions.

For installation instructions, go to the SNACONS installation page.

For further SNACONS customization, go to the SNACONS usermods page.

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Last updated 16 Jul 2006